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East Liberty now home to South Korean-style bakery Tous les Jours

by Celia

Layers Bakery, a new establishment offering freshly baked goods, has recently opened its doors on the Goodluck Hope island in East London. Located by the waterfront, the bakery adds to the dynamic ambiance of the Leamouth Peninsula, which already hosts a variety of creative outlets and independent businesses, including the English National Ballet and live jazz performances in the Lockdown Room.

Embracing a community-driven approach, Layers Bakery aims to provide more than just pastries, breakfasts, and coffee. The founders, Giulia, Faye, and Chelsea, intend to organize workshops and events such as cookie-making classes for kids and viennoiserie-pastry-making sessions for adults, fostering collaboration and learning opportunities.

With years of culinary expertise, the founders ensure a premium culinary experience for patrons. Giulia, formerly the head baker at Hedone, has trained the team at Fallow and contributed to the development of their potato bread. Faye, with her extensive background as head pastry chef at Hedone, pastry chef at The Ritz, and head of pastry at London Stock, brings a wealth of pastry knowledge to Layers Bakery. Chelsea, the founder of District Coffee and Where’s Fred’s cafe/wine bar, oversees the beverage offerings.

In addition to grab-and-go pastries and coffee, Layers Bakery offers a diverse menu featuring ‘Classics,’ ‘Layers Specials,’ and Flatbreads. Highlights include scrambled eggs made with Cackleberry free-range eggs served with sourdough toast and quinoa crunch, corn and chickpea fritters accompanied by coconut yoghurt, spinach, poached egg, and salsa verde, and French Toast croissant topped with icing sugar, cinnamon butter, and apple compote. For those craving heartier options, choices like the Leek and Sausage Flatbread, featuring leek bechamel, sausage stuffing, and sriracha mayo, provide a satisfying savory experience.

One notable item on the menu is the Everything Bagel Croissant, filled with either salt beef, American mustard, and pickles, or smoked salmon and cream cheese, offering an exciting blend of flavors for adventurous eaters.

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