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Celebrate National Donut Day: The Best Donuts in Canberra

by Celia

Today, Friday, June 7, is National Donut Day! To celebrate, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best places in Canberra to enjoy a delicious donut. Check out our recommendations and let us know in the comments if we’ve missed any of your favorites.

Donut Bouquet Canberra

Donut Bouquet Canberra (DBC) delivers stunning bouquets of donuts that make for the perfect gift. These in-house donuts come in a variety of flavors and the visually appealing bouquets can also feature flowers, wine, and other sweets. Explore their full range and place your order.

Stephanie’s Donuts

Owned by local resident Stephanie, Stephanie’s Donuts offers a range of indulgent hand-crafted treats. Classic flavors include cinnamon and jam-filled donuts, along with creative options like lemon meringue, maple, and crème brûlée that change regularly. You can find Stephanie’s Donuts at the Haig Park Village Markets on Sundays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Follow them on Instagram for updates.

Donut King

A staple in the donut scene, Donut King provides a nostalgic experience with their classic cinnamon and sugar-coated donuts, along with a variety of iced and sprinkled options. Their fresh, warm cinnamon donut is a simple yet unbeatable treat. They have multiple locations across the city.

Brooklyn Donuts

Located in the Canberra Centre, Brooklyn Donuts offers over 30 New York-style donuts. They feature classic styles as well as biscoff, caramel, jam, and chocolate-filled options. Brooklyn Donuts also serves coffee and frappes, allowing you to pair your treat with a nice beverage. Learn more about them here.

OMG Donuts

OMG Donuts caters to everyone, especially those with dietary restrictions, offering delicious gluten-free donuts. This shop has quickly become a favorite among locals. Located at the Torrens shops, they are open Tuesday to Sunday next to Cafe Finley’s Watermelon, where you can enjoy your donut with a coffee. Click here for more information.

Krispy Kreme

Although Krispy Kreme is a global brand, it received several mentions when we asked on Instagram about the best donuts in Canberra. Their classic glazed donut is a solid option, especially if you’re at a 7/11 and crave a treat. They’re best enjoyed fresh.

Celebrate National Donut Day by visiting one of these local spots and indulging in a delicious donut!

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