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Paloma the Bakery: A Hidden Gem in New York City

by Celia

From the outside, Paloma Coffee & Bakery might be mistaken for just another generic coffee shop on Nassau Avenue. However, stepping inside reveals its unique qualities. The coffee beans are roasted in-house and sourced from small, fair-trade farms personally visited by the owners.

The standout feature is the pastry case. Unlike most New York coffee shops that source baked goods from large bakeries, Paloma offers unique creations. Their pistachio-dusted pain suisse resembles something designed by Zaha Hadid, showcasing the bakery’s creativity and craftsmanship.

Paloma’s meticulous attention to detail stems from its origins as a small-scale passion project. In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Reuben Villagomez sought a pastry chef and found Alexander Zecena, an experienced chef from Chez Panisse and The French Laundry.

Their ambitions soon outgrew their small kitchen and window service. By 2022, despite the limited space, regulars began to notice extravagant creations like a multi-tiered, sprinkle-encrusted birthday cake.

By 2024, Paloma has transformed into a full-scale bakery. The bakery’s presence is subtly hidden behind the coffee shop, and its pastries conceal their intricate details. Each ham and cheese croissant is filled with Manchego, 12-month-aged Serrano jamón, and 12 rum-soaked golden raisins, symbolizing the 12 grapes eaten for luck on Spanish New Year.

The Reuben croissant involves brining American Wagyu for 14 days, smoking it for 18 hours, and layering it with Gruyère and sauerkraut. Sweet croissants feature rich combinations such as brûléed custard, brownie batter, and salted caramel, or mango ganache, toasted meringue, macadamia cream, passion fruit, and micro cilantro.

However, don’t assume that your favorite item will be available next time. Many of Paloma’s unique pastries are fleeting, appearing on the menu one day and gone the next.

Know Before You Go:

Paloma has three branches, all located in Greenpoint and Williamsburg. Many pastries are available only on weekends at the Nassau Avenue location, where they are baked. The most popular specials tend to sell out by early afternoon, so it’s best to arrive early to avoid disappointment.

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