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London’s Flake Bake Bakery Lands Aldi Supermarket Deal After Channel 4 Win

by Celia

In a heartening turn of events, Flake Bake, a beloved family-operated bakery nestled in the heart of South Bermondsey, London, has clinched a game-changing partnership with the renowned Aldi supermarket chain. This triumph follows their triumphant victory in a highly competitive Channel 4 contest, where they showcased their delectable Jamaican patties to widespread acclaim.

Helmed by the dynamic duo of Paul and Micheal Williams, Flake Bake stood out among five other esteemed bakeries, ultimately emerging victorious. Now, their mouthwatering Jamaican patties grace the shelves of 1,000 Aldi stores nationwide, marking a significant milestone in their culinary journey.

Despite weathering the storm of the pandemic, Flake Bake has embraced this newfound opportunity with vigor and enthusiasm. This landmark collaboration has injected a fresh lease of life into the bakery, prompting an expansion in their operations. Notably, Flake Bake has bolstered its workforce by welcoming local talent into its ranks, allowing them to ramp up production to an impressive 20,000 patties per week at their bustling kitchen in South London.

The partnership between Flake Bake and Aldi not only underscores the bakery’s unwavering commitment to quality and innovation but also serves as a testament to the power of perseverance in the face of adversity. With their delectable creations now within reach of countless customers across the nation, Flake Bake continues to carve out a delicious legacy in London’s vibrant culinary landscape.

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