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Sungsimdang Bakery Draws Attention with Unique Approach at Seoul Event

by Celia

Sungsimdang, a beloved bakery nestled in Daejeon and renowned for its delectable treats, made waves recently by participating in a Seoul event without offering any of its famed products for sale. This decision left many enthusiasts disappointed, as they had hoped to indulge in Sungsimdang’s bread varieties.

Despite numerous inquiries, Sungsimdang remained steadfast in its stance, emphasizing that its products are exclusively available in Daejeon. This commitment to preserving its local roots garnered praise online, with many commending the bakery for upholding the authenticity of its brand.

The bakery’s involvement in the Local Creative 2024 Exhibition, hosted at Culture Station Seoul 284 from May 17 to June 2, aims to showcase its brand heritage and engage with visitors by sharing insights into its history and operations. Unlike typical retail setups, the event focuses on conveying the essence of participating brands through exhibitions rather than direct sales.

However, social media speculation suggesting that Sungsimdang’s treats would be accessible in Seoul heightened consumer expectations. Some attendees anticipated enjoying signature items like “Twi-so,” “Myeongran Baguette,” and “Fruit Siru” without having to journey to Daejeon.

Responding to the growing anticipation, Sungsimdang issued a clarification via its official Instagram account on May 3, expressing gratitude for the interest shown. The bakery reiterated that the event would solely feature an exhibition, with no products available for purchase, reaffirming its exclusive availability in Daejeon.

The announcement received positive feedback from netizens, who praised Sungsimdang’s dedication to its regional identity. Comments lauding the bakery as a symbol of Daejeon’s pride flooded various social media platforms, highlighting its unwavering commitment to the local community.

While some expressed disappointment, many acknowledged Sungsimdang’s unique charm when enjoyed in its hometown, with some contemplating trips to Daejeon to savor its offerings. Suggestions for merchandise like Sungsimdang keychains were also put forth.

Having operated solely in Daejeon since its establishment in 1956, Sungsimdang has carved a remarkable niche for itself. According to the Financial Supervisory Service, the bakery boasted an operating profit of 31.5 billion won last year, surpassing larger franchises despite its localized presence. Sales figures soared to 124.3 billion won, marking a significant increase from the previous year and underscoring Sungsimdang’s enduring appeal.

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