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Pancake House and Coca-Cola Team Up for Classic Coke in Glass Bottles

by Celia

Pancake House, a beacon of tradition and innovation, is marking its golden anniversary with a delightful addition to its menu, in collaboration with Coca-Cola. The iconic beverage, Coke in a glass bottle, is making a nostalgic return, evoking fond memories and timeless charm for many patrons.

This partnership is not just a collaboration but a celebration of shared values, embodying a commitment to excellence with every sip. Selected as exclusive venues for this special offering, 12 Pancake House branches are inviting diners to experience the nostalgia of Coke in a glass bottle in a cozy and familiar setting.

The participating branches are:

  • Petron Marilao North Luzon Tollway (Northbound)
  • Shell Balagtas North Luzon Tollway (Northbound)
  • UST
  • White Plains
  • Medical City
  • Shell South Luzon Expressway (Southbound)
  • DLSU Dasmarinas
  • Paseo de Magallanes
  • Makati Medical Center
  • Bonifacio High Street
  • Rockwell
  • Burgos Circle

From Petron Marilao to Burgos Circle, these locations are transforming into nostalgic Pancake House spots, where patrons can indulge in the simple pleasure of a classic Coke, served just the way it was meant to be. With prices set at only P50, it’s an accessible opportunity for everyone to relive cherished memories and create new ones in the company of loved ones.

But the celebration doesn’t end there. Alongside Coke in a glass bottle, Pancake House is also reintroducing another classic favorite – A&W Root Beer Float. Available in all stores at only P159, this timeless beverage further enhances the nostalgic charm of Pancake House.

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