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Highwood Bakery Prepares for Cicada Invasion with Return of “Cicada Cakes”

by Celia

As trillions of red-eyed periodical cicadas begin to emerge in various regions across the country, Illinois residents are bracing for the impending invasion, even though sightings have yet to be reported in the state.

Nevertheless, the anticipation is palpable as many cicadas have been detected just beneath the surface. While the idea of consuming cicadas may seem unconventional to some, the Cleveland Clinic assures that they are generally safe for consumption. However, one particular bakery in the suburban area believes it has found a way to make these insects more palatable.

In preparation for what is expected to be the largest cicada emergence in centuries, Bent Fork Bakery located in Highwood is reintroducing its renowned “Cicada Cakes.” These confections, roughly the size of standard cupcakes, are comprised of either yellow or chocolate cake, coated in chocolate ganache, and adorned with wings made of white chocolate. The distinguishing feature, the bright red “eyes,” is crafted from candy.

The bakery, as reported to NBC Chicago, anticipates a surge in demand for the unique treats upon their release on Wednesday. Priced at $3 each, the Cicada Cakes will be available for purchase at the bakery situated along Waukegan Road in the northern suburb.

This isn’t the first time Bent Fork Bakery has offered this eccentric delicacy. Seventeen years ago, during the last cicada invasion, the bakery introduced the Cicada Cakes, which have since become a symbol of anticipation for the return of these “singing” insects.

Despite the playful incorporation of cicada imagery, the bakery assures customers that no actual cicadas are used in the baking process. “There will be no cicadas harmed in the process,” the bakery emphasized.

Bent Fork Bakery operates from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, and from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday.

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