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Mister Donut Introduces New Kyoto Roasted Green Tea Donuts in Collaboration with Tsujiri

by Celia

On March 24, donut enthusiasts found themselves marking their calendars as Mister Donut unveiled the second installment of its collaboration with Tsujiri, the renowned Kyoto-based tea merchant and confectioner. This partnership has birthed a delectable creation: the Kyoto hojicha donuts.

Hojicha, the Japanese term for roasted green tea, takes center stage in these new offerings. Sourced from Uji, a town in the Kyoto Prefecture celebrated for its premium green tea, the Tsujiri hojicha lends a distinctive flavor to these confections.

The two latest additions to the menu are the Nama Pon de Ring Uji Hojicha priced at 220 yen (approximately US$1.45) and the Nama Pon de Ring Uji Hojicha Kinako at 242 yen. The Pon de Ring series, characterized by interconnected spheres of dough forming a ring, takes on a new dimension with the infusion of hojicha. The term “nama” denotes a soft and chewy texture in baked goods.

Roasting green tea leaves results in a rich brown color and a unique flavor profile marked by nutty, toasted notes with lingering bitterness. This distinct taste is enhanced by a special hojicha glaze exclusive to these donuts.

The Nama Pon de Ring Uji Hojicha Kinako introduces another layer of flavor with the addition of kinako, or roasted soybean powder, which offers a delicate sweetness reminiscent of cinnamon. Accompanying these donuts is a packet of hojicha mitsu, a hojicha-infused sauce, which customers can pour over the donuts to customize their taste experience.

While adding the hojicha mitsu may seem like an extra step, it serves a crucial purpose. The flavorful sauce, when combined with the kinako, could potentially compromise the texture of the donut if applied in advance. Thus, allowing customers to add the sauce just before consumption ensures they can enjoy the maximum flavor without sacrificing the desired texture.

In addition to the Nama Pon de Ring Uji Hojicha and Nama Pon de Ring Uji Hojicha Kinako, three other members of the Mister Donut Meets Tsujirii lineup, namely the Pon de Double Uji Matcha, Pon de Uji Matcha Crispy Arare, and Pon de Uji Matcha Wasanbon Warabimochi, remain available for purchase. Customers can indulge in all five offerings with a combo pack priced at 1,100 yen.

As fans savor the delightful flavors of Mister Donut’s latest creations, they are advised to keep a napkin handy, especially when enjoying the Hojicha Kinako variety.

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