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Germantown Bakery Announces Closure of Storefront, But Online Business Continues

by Celia

BluffCakes, a renowned bakery in Germantown recognized for its oversized cookies, is set to close its physical storefront while maintaining its presence in the online market.

The decision was conveyed through an Instagram announcement, indicating the closure of its location at 7850 Poplar Ave., Suite 24, Germantown. BluffCakes will cease operations at this site after Sunday, April 28.

Established by Memphis baker Chloe Joy Sexton in February 2023, BluffCakes gained prominence through its viral TikTok videos showcasing giant cookies featuring delectable additions such as Oreos, Nutella, and peanut butter.

Expressing gratitude to the loyal clientele in Germantown, BluffCakes shared in its Instagram post the challenging nature of the decision. The post emphasized the difficulty in bidding farewell to the local community.

However, the closure of the physical space does not signify the end for BluffCakes. The bakery remains committed to its online shipping operations and local sales, ensuring continuity for its customer base. The shift away from a brick-and-mortar establishment aims to bolster BluffCakes’ flourishing shipping business, enabling broader access to its treats on an international scale.

In the Instagram announcement, BluffCakes expressed appreciation for the ongoing support during this transition period. The decision reflects a strategic move towards ensuring the future growth and sustainability of BluffCakes, its dedicated team, and its family.

The closure of the Germantown storefront marks a pivotal moment in BluffCakes’ journey, signaling a renewed focus on online expansion while preserving the essence of its beloved confections for customers worldwide.

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