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Tulsa Italian Bakery Seeking New Owner to Preserve Legacy

by Celia

Nana Rose’s Bakery, a beloved Italian bakery nestled at 91st and Memorial, is on the lookout for a new proprietor to carry forward its rich heritage. The current owners have set a deadline of July for the transition, emphasizing the urgency to ensure the bakery’s continued operation.

For an investment of $200,000, the prospective owner stands to inherit not just the business but also its cherished recipes and a dedicated staff. Despite the bakery’s profitability, the current owners are compelled to step away due to personal family matters. Their fervent desire is to entrust the bakery to capable hands that will uphold its traditions and keep its doors open to the community.

Established three years ago, Nana Rose’s Bakery swiftly garnered acclaim, clinching the title of “Best New Business in Tulsa” within its inaugural year. Samantha Short, the current owner, attributes her culinary prowess to her grandmother, Nana Rose, and great-grandmother, Nonna, who imparted their culinary wisdom to her.

Short, reflecting on the bakery’s legacy, expressed, “She taught me literally everything I know about cooking, they both did. No matter what, that was when she was the happiest, and same with my nana.”

The prospective buyer stands to inherit a fully equipped bakery, complete with recipes, staff, and a lease on the premises. Short underscores the turnkey nature of the opportunity, emphasizing the bakery’s loyal customer base and its integral place within the Tulsa community.

Despite her deep attachment to the bakery, Short acknowledges that family obligations necessitate this difficult decision. “If it was just me, I would do this for the rest of my life,” she shared. “This was my dream. But sometimes, you just got to make hard decisions, and we put family first.”

Before Nana fell ill, plans were in motion to expand the bakery, a testament to its promising trajectory.

For those interested in acquiring Nana Rose’s Bakery and continuing its legacy, inquiries can be directed to [email protected].

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