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Cork’s Cameron Bakery and Café Earns Prestigious Business of the Year Award

by Celia

Cork’s Cameron Bakery and Café, renowned for its delectable chocolate almond croissants and expanding presence throughout the city, has recently been bestowed with the prestigious Cork Business of the Year Award (SME). The accolade was presented at the Cork Business Association’s (CBA) President’s Dinner held at the Radisson Blu Hotel Little Island over the weekend.

Judges lauded the bakery, owned by Gwen Perroud, for its exceptional quality and popularity among Cork residents, citing its three existing café and bakery locations as beloved fixtures within the community. Despite challenges faced by the sector, Cameron Bakery’s recent announcement of a new bakery opening on Patrick Street was commended as a significant addition to the area.

“Outstanding” was the resounding descriptor in the judges’ deliberations, emphasizing the bakery’s distinguished standing within the local business landscape.

In addition to Cameron Bakery’s triumph, McKechnie Cleaning Services was also honored at the CBA Cork Business of the Year Awards, underscoring the diversity and excellence within Cork’s business community.

Furthermore, Stevie Grainger was recognized with the Champion of Cork Award for his remarkable contributions to Cork’s music scene and his efforts in empowering young individuals within the community.

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