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New Bakery, Postcard Bakery, Opens in Manhattan’s West Village

by Celia

In a culinary venture blending Japanese influence with whimsical design, Taka Sakaeda, Jihan Lee, and Lisa Limb, former colleagues of renowned chef Masayoshi “Masa” Takayama and the minds behind Nami Nori, have unveiled their latest creation: Postcard Bakery in Manhattan’s West Village.

Drawing inspiration from vintage Japanese aesthetics, the bakery, conceptualized by Brooklyn-based Sarah Carpenter & Studio, boasts a charming design reminiscent of 1920s Taisho-era artwork and nostalgic Japanese postcards. Spanning a cozy 300 square feet, the space exudes decadence and vibrancy, with pastel hues and intricate patterns adorning every corner.

A focal point of the bakery is its oversized curved glass and mirrored metal pastry display, visible from the street, offering a tantalizing preview of its offerings. Inside, the arched service area immerses patrons in a striking vermillion red, contrasting with the inviting warmth of the seating area.

The seating arrangements feature quilted banquettes against a backdrop of creamy peach and butter yellow tones, creating an ambiance of comfort and elegance. The golden marble floor tiles, reflected in the pastry case, further enhance the space’s allure.

An eye-catching green wallcovering, complemented by custom oak millwork, pays homage to the botanical and geometric inspirations of artist and illustrator Yumeji Takehisa.

Sarah Carpenter, lead designer at Sarah Carpenter & Studio, reflects on the collaborative process: “At the start of the project, Lisa shared a Spotify playlist to convey the nostalgic, playful tone she envisioned for Postcard. We embraced this unique approach, which speaks volumes about the team’s vision for the space.”

Postcard Bakery promises not only delectable treats but also a visual journey through Japanese-inspired whimsy, making it a delightful addition to the culinary landscape of Manhattan’s West Village.

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