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Donut Bar to Expand and Relocate to Downtown High-Rise

by Celia

After over a decade at its B Street location, Donut Bar is bidding farewell to its cozy spot and making a move to a larger space near Little Italy. The renowned doughnut shop, known for its mouthwatering confections, is set to integrate augmented reality into its sweet offerings at its new ground-floor location in a downtown high-rise.

The decision to relocate was primarily motivated by the desire to enhance customer experiences and accommodate the growing demand for its artisanal treats, according to owner Santiago Campa. While the downtown area saw shifts due to the pandemic, the move was more about seizing opportunities for growth rather than pandemic-related changes.

The new Donut Bar & Bakery will open its doors at 1 Columbia Place, 410 W. A St., just a stone’s throw away from Little Italy. The former B Street location served its last doughnut on Monday.

Campa emphasized that the relocation signifies an evolution for the beloved establishment, which will now offer an expanded menu featuring not only its famous doughnuts but also freshly prepared pastries, cakes, and croissants. The new space will boast two outdoor patios, an enlarged kitchen, and whimsical decor with black-and-white comic-book-like drawings.

What sets the new location apart is the integration of augmented reality into the customer experience. By scanning QR codes with their smartphones, patrons can embark on virtual journeys to iconic San Diego landmarks, such as Petco Park and the USS Midway, thanks to the creative work of Dana Scott Owens, also known as DanaToons.

While the cost of the expansion was not disclosed, Campa expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with Regent Properties, the owner of the Columbia 1 office tower. The venture aims to inject fresh energy into the property and engage the surrounding community.

Donut Bar & Bakery’s expansion marks a new chapter for the brand, which, despite previous franchise endeavors, now operates independently. Campa confirmed that the Pacific Beach and Chula Vista locations remain separate entities from the new flagship store.

With its relocation and innovative offerings, Donut Bar & Bakery looks forward to continuing to delight doughnut enthusiasts and sweet-toothed patrons alike.

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