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Toyota Chairman Akio Toyoda Demonstrates Environmentally Friendly Donut-Making with Hydrogen Truck

by Celia

Renowned for his dual role as the chairman of Toyota Motor Corporation and his alter ego as the racecar driver “Morizo,” Akio Toyoda has recently combined his passions in a unique endeavor: guilt-free donut-making with the aid of a hydrogen truck.

While Toyoda is recognized for his tire-spinning prowess on the racetrack, his affinity for donuts extends beyond the realm of motorsport. Originating from his time at Babson College in the U.S., where he developed a fondness for the sugary pastries, Toyoda even incorporated them into his commencement address at the institution in 2019.

Driven by a desire to indulge in donuts without the accompanying guilt, Toyoda utilized his position as head of a major automotive corporation to spearhead the initiative. Collaborating with Toyota’s hydrogen engineering team and Koji Fujiharu, the esteemed chef and proprietor of Tokyo’s Epicure restaurant, Toyoda sought to create a healthier version of the beloved treat.

Drawing inspiration from Fujiharu’s expertise in crafting allergy-friendly cuisine, the team devised a recipe devoid of traditional ingredients such as milk and eggs. Instead, they incorporated syrup, soy milk, konjac, and soy pulp—a byproduct of tofu production—resulting in gluten-free donuts that contribute to sustainability by repurposing food waste.

The innovative batter formulation, allowed to fully hydrate before deep-frying, minimizes oil absorption during cooking. Paired with raspberry and chocolate soy butter accompaniments, the donuts earned accolades from Toyoda himself for their taste and eco-friendly attributes.

Complementing the environmentally conscious donut production process is the hydrogen fuel cell-powered truck utilized in the endeavor. Emitting negligible local emissions, the truck, affectionately named “Morizo Donuts,” embarks on a tour across Japan, serving as a testament to the potential of green technologies to bring joy while minimizing environmental impact.

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