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How Much Does it Cost to Start a Crumbl Franchise?

by Celia

In recent years, the dessert industry has experienced a surge in demand for innovative concepts that offer unique and delectable treats. Among the rising stars in this sector is Crumbl, a rapidly expanding cookie franchise known for its rotating menu of gourmet cookies. If you’re considering joining the Crumbl family by investing in a franchise, one of the first questions you’re likely to ask is: How much will it cost? In this article, we’ll explore the investment required to start a Crumbl franchise, financing options available, factors influencing costs, potential return on investment, and the steps to becoming a franchisee.

Crumbl Franchise Overview

Crumbl has captivated dessert lovers with its signature concept: a weekly rotating menu featuring a variety of freshly baked, oversized cookies served warm. Founded in 2017 by two cousins, Sawyer Hemsley and Jason McGowan, Crumbl has quickly expanded across the United States, attracting a loyal customer base drawn to its innovative flavors, high-quality ingredients, and nostalgic charm.

One of the key selling points of Crumbl’s franchise model is its focus on simplicity and consistency. Franchisees receive comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure they can replicate the Crumbl experience in their own locations. With a proven business model and a strong brand presence, Crumbl offers entrepreneurs an enticing opportunity to enter the thriving dessert market.

Initial Investment Breakdown

To launch a Crumbl franchise, prospective owners must be prepared to make several financial investments. Here’s a breakdown of the key components:

1. Franchise Fee: The initial franchise fee serves as the entry ticket to join the Crumbl family. This fee typically covers the costs associated with training, support, and access to proprietary recipes and systems.

2. Royalty Fees: As a franchisee, you’ll be required to pay ongoing royalty fees to the franchisor. These fees, usually calculated as a percentage of gross sales, contribute to the continued support and development of the Crumbl brand.

3. Marketing Fees: Franchisees also contribute to national and local marketing efforts through marketing fees. These funds are used to promote the Crumbl brand, drive customer traffic, and support advertising campaigns.

4. Build-out Costs: This category encompasses expenses related to securing and outfitting your franchise location. Costs may include lease payments, construction or renovation expenses, equipment purchases, and initial inventory.

5. Grand Opening Marketing: A successful grand opening can significantly impact the early performance of your franchise. Allocating funds for marketing and promotional activities during the launch phase is crucial for generating buzz and attracting customers.

6. Working Capital: It’s essential to have sufficient working capital to cover operating expenses, such as payroll, utilities, and inventory, during the initial months of operation before the business becomes profitable.

Total Estimated Investment

The total investment required to start a Crumbl franchise can vary depending on various factors such as location, size of the store, and local market conditions. However, prospective franchisees can expect the initial investment to fall within a specific range, typically between $300,000 to $600,000 or more. This figure includes all the aforementioned expenses and provides a comprehensive estimate of the financial commitment involved in launching a Crumbl franchise.

Financing Options

Financing a franchise investment can be a significant hurdle for aspiring entrepreneurs, but there are several avenues to explore:

1. Traditional Bank Loans: Many banks offer loans specifically tailored to franchise businesses. These loans may require collateral and a strong credit history but can provide the necessary funds to cover startup costs.

2. Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans: The SBA offers loan programs designed to assist small businesses, including franchises. SBA loans typically offer favorable terms and may require a lower down payment compared to conventional bank loans.

3. Franchisor Financing: Some franchisors offer financing options to help prospective franchisees cover startup costs. These arrangements may include deferred payments, financing for equipment purchases, or assistance with lease negotiations.

4. Alternative Financing: Alternative lending options, such as crowdfunding, equipment leasing, or lines of credit, can also be explored to secure the necessary capital for your franchise investment.

It’s essential to thoroughly research and evaluate each financing option to determine the best fit for your individual circumstances and business goals.

Factors Influencing Cost

Several factors can influence the total investment required to start a Crumbl franchise:

1. Location: The cost of real estate varies significantly depending on the geographic area and local market conditions. Prime locations with high foot traffic may command higher lease rates but offer greater potential for sales growth.

2. Store Size: The size and layout of your franchise location will impact build-out costs, equipment requirements, and overall operating expenses. Larger stores may require higher initial investments but can accommodate higher sales volumes.

3. Market Demand: Understanding the demand for Crumbl’s products in your target market is essential for estimating potential sales and revenue. Conducting thorough market research can help identify lucrative opportunities and mitigate risks associated with investing in a new location.

4. Regulatory Compliance: Compliance with local regulations, zoning requirements, and health codes may incur additional costs during the startup phase. It’s crucial to factor in these expenses when budgeting for your franchise investment.

By carefully considering these variables and conducting a detailed financial analysis, prospective franchisees can develop a realistic budget and make informed decisions about their investment.

Return on Investment (ROI) Potential

While the initial investment to start a Crumbl franchise represents a significant financial commitment, the potential for long-term profitability can be compelling. Crumbl’s proven business model, strong brand recognition, and loyal customer base offer franchisees a solid foundation for success.

Although specific ROI figures may vary depending on individual circumstances, industry benchmarks, and market conditions, Crumbl franchises typically demonstrate robust financial performance and attractive returns on investment. Franchisees can expect to recoup their initial investment within a reasonable timeframe, typically ranging from two to five years, depending on factors such as location, sales volume, and operating expenses.

By diligently managing costs, maximizing revenue opportunities, and leveraging the support provided by the franchisor, franchisees can optimize their profitability and achieve their financial goals with a Crumbl franchise.

Steps to Owning a Crumbl Franchise

Becoming a Crumbl franchisee involves several key steps:

1. Research: Start by thoroughly researching the Crumbl brand, its franchise opportunity, and the dessert industry as a whole. Evaluate your own skills, experience, and financial resources to determine if franchising with Crumbl aligns with your goals and aspirations.

2. Contact the Franchisor: Reach out to Crumbl’s franchise development team to express your interest and request more information about the franchise opportunity. They can provide you with detailed insights into the investment requirements, training programs, and support services available to franchisees.

3. Submit Application: Complete the franchise application process, which typically involves providing detailed financial information, personal background, and references. The franchisor will review your application to assess your suitability as a potential franchisee.

4. Attend Discovery Day: If your application is approved, you may be invited to attend a Discovery Day, where you’ll have the opportunity to meet with Crumbl’s leadership team, tour existing locations, and learn more about the franchise system.

5. Sign Franchise Agreement: Upon finalizing the terms of your franchise agreement and securing financing, you’ll sign a contract with Crumbl to officially become a franchisee. This agreement outlines the rights, responsibilities, and obligations of both parties.

6. Training and Support: Participate in Crumbl’s comprehensive training program, which covers all aspects of operating a successful franchise, including product preparation, customer service, marketing, and business management. Take advantage of ongoing support and resources provided by the franchisor to maximize your chances of success.

7. Grand Opening: Plan and execute a successful grand opening event to introduce your Crumbl franchise to the community and generate excitement among potential customers. Implement marketing strategies to drive traffic and establish your presence in the local market.

By following these steps and leveraging the support and resources available through Crumbl’s franchise system, aspiring entrepreneurs can embark on a rewarding journey of business ownership and indulge their passion for delicious desserts.


In conclusion, while starting a Crumbl franchise requires a significant financial investment, the potential for long-term profitability and success makes it a compelling opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. By understanding the costs involved, exploring financing options, and diligently following the steps to ownership, individuals can turn their dreams of owning a Crumbl franchise into a reality. With a winning combination of mouthwatering cookies, proven business strategies, and unwavering support from the franchisor, Crumbl offers a sweet recipe for entrepreneurial success.

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