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Hundreds Gather for Milwaukee’s Annual Donuts and Coffee Fest at Turner Hall

by Celia

Milwaukee, known for its affinity for donuts, witnessed a delightful congregation of donut enthusiasts on Sunday at the annual Donuts and Coffee Fest held at Turner Hall. The event attracted hundreds of attendees who indulged in the delectable offerings presented by eight donut vendors and five coffee shops, each showcasing their unique creations.

Molly Snyder, the host of the Donut Eating Competition, emphasized the rising popularity of artisan craft donut spots, now a prevalent trend not just in larger cities but also prominently featured in Milwaukee. Snyder, a seasoned participant in food-eating competitions, recounted her victories in various contests including the Baked Potato Eating Contest at the Wisconsin State Fair in 2015 and 2016. She later triumphed in the Celebrity Cream Puff Eating Contest, eventually transitioning from competitive eating to hosting, having emceed multiple competitions.

Reflecting on the rigorous nature of competitive eating, Snyder advised participants to approach the challenge on an empty stomach, stressing the importance of keeping all consumed food down to avoid disqualification, a phenomenon dubbed “reversal” in the competitive eating world.

The highlight of this year’s event was the crowning of Teddy Delacruz as the donut-eating champion, devouring an impressive 20 mini donuts in just one minute and 25 seconds. Delacruz expressed his motivation for participating in such contests, citing his love for competition, complimentary food, and the allure of prizes.

The Donuts and Coffee Fest not only provided attendees with an opportunity to savor a wide array of donut delicacies but also showcased the fervor and skill displayed by participants in the spirited donut-eating competition.

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