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IZOLA Bakery to Relocate Within East Village, New Location Set to Open in May

by Celia

After a temporary closure since October, IZOLA Bakery, a beloved establishment in downtown San Diego, has exciting news for its patrons. On Tuesday, the bakery’s owners revealed that they have secured a new location to continue serving their community.

Taking to social media, the proprietors shared that IZOLA Bakery will soon be situated at 1429 Island Avenue, nestled between 14th and 15th streets in downtown San Diego. This move ensures that the bakery remains rooted in East Village, much to the delight of its loyal clientele.

Renowned for its delectable offerings, including warm croissants and sourdough bread, IZOLA Bakery has earned acclaim as one of San Diego’s premier bakeries. Garnering recognition such as Yelp’s top bakery in the United States for 2022 and runner-up in 2023, its reopening is eagerly anticipated.

The bakery’s owners aim to resume operations by mid-May, pending the completion of the new venue and the hiring of staff.

IZOLA Bakery has been a fixture in East Village for the past 24 years, captivating locals and visitors alike with its irresistible treats. However, circumstances necessitated a move when the historic building housing the bakery on 13th Street was no longer viable.

Following a public appeal in early March for assistance in finding a new location, the owners swiftly identified a suitable spot just two blocks away from their former site on Island Avenue.

Describing the new premises, the owners noted its resemblance to the former location, boasting large windows and even featuring a speakeasy in the basement.

To stay updated on the reopening details, the bakery encourages patrons to follow their social media channels for the official announcement.

As IZOLA Bakery prepares to embark on this new chapter, the anticipation among its patrons is palpable, eager to once again savor the delights that have made it a cherished establishment in the heart of San Diego’s culinary scene.

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