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DEUX Introduces Donut Holes in Sprouts Farmers Markets Nationwide

by Celia

DEUX, renowned for its vegan and gluten-free treats crafted with wholesome ingredients, proudly unveils its latest offering—donut holes—at all 400+ Sprouts locations across the nation. These delectable treats, available in three flavors, will join DEUX’s esteemed cookie dough collection in the retailer’s refrigerated section.

Similar to the brand’s cherished cookie dough, DEUX’s donut holes are crafted without harmful additives commonly found in confectionery, such as refined sugar, preservatives, and animal byproducts. Instead, they feature functional ingredients like L-Theanine and B12, preserving the classic flavor and texture of traditional counterparts while enhancing nutritional value.

The introduction of these sought-after donut holes at Sprouts aims to evoke nostalgic childhood indulgences, now made with ingredients shoppers truly deserve.

Sprouts Farmers Market will stock three enticing flavors of donut holes:

Chocolate Glaze


Limited Edition Not-So-Red Velvet

All variants boast 41% less sugar than conventional donut holes and are devoid of processed ingredients. These soft, melt-in-your-mouth treats offer a convenient and health-conscious snacking option or on-the-go breakfast. Furthermore, the inclusion of B12 and L-Theanine promotes sustained energy, focus, and metabolism, imparting a functional nutritional element.

Sabeena Ladha, CEO, and Founder of DEUX, expresses her enthusiasm for bringing donut holes to Sprouts, stating, “Sprouts has been an incredible retail partner to DEUX, and we are eager to now share our fastest-growing product line with Sprouts shoppers.” Ladha also anticipates showcasing the product’s redesigned packaging—a vibrant, resealable bag designed to stand out on shelves.

Later this month, DEUX’s donut holes will expand their availability to Foxtrot, Fresh Thyme, Hungryroot, Hy-Vee, and Misfits locations.

About DEUX

DEUX crafts beloved snacks using ingredients that require no internet search. Their portfolio includes better-for-you options such as Donuts, Cookie Dough, and N*tella or Chocolate Hazelnut Spread. All products are vegan, gluten-free, and contain 25-40% less sugar and fewer carbs than traditional brands. With a strong direct-to-consumer presence, DEUX emphasizes content and influencer marketing alongside a viral “collab” model. Their products are available at Whole Foods, Sprouts, Target, and various foodservice accounts. Founded by Sabeena Ladha, DEUX draws from her experience selling legacy food brands at PepsiCo, consulting at McKinsey & Co, and launching brands in venture capital at M13.

About Sprouts Farmers Market, Inc.

True to its farm-stand heritage, Sprouts offers a unique grocery experience centered around an open layout with fresh produce at the forefront. The healthy grocer is committed to promoting wellness naturally through a meticulously curated selection of better-for-you products, accompanied by knowledgeable staff. Headquartered in Phoenix, Sprouts is one of the largest and fastest-growing specialty retailers of fresh, natural, and organic food in the United States, operating over 400 stores across 23 states and employing approximately 31,000 team members.

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