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Renovation Underway for Dunkin’ Shop in Apalachin

by Celia

BINGHAMTON, NY – Doughnut and coffee aficionados in the Apalachin area were in for a surprise when they witnessed the demolition of their beloved Dunkin’ shop on Route 434. The demolition, which took place on Tuesday, marked the beginning of a transformative project aimed at replacing the old establishment with a modern unit.

Led by workers from Pritchard Development Corporation of Conklin, the demolition paved the way for the construction of a new Dunkin’ shop that promises to deliver an enhanced experience to patrons.

Santina Christian, a Broome County resident, recently acquired two Dunkin’ locations in Tioga County, including the Apalachin and Owego shops, along with units at Binghamton University and in Oneonta. The redevelopment project in Apalachin is part of Christian’s vision to revitalize the Dunkin’ brand in the region.

The new Dunkin’ shop is expected to offer approximately 2,000 square feet of space, slightly smaller than its predecessor which has been serving customers since 1999. However, the revamped structure will stand about three feet higher to comply with Federal Emergency Management Agency requirements, ensuring greater resilience against potential hazards.

Anticipation is high among residents as they await the grand reopening of the Apalachin Dunkin’ store, slated for the end of June. With promises of modern amenities and an updated layout, the new establishment aims to continue serving as a beloved gathering spot for doughnut and coffee enthusiasts in the community.

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