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New Mochi Donut Spot Opens First Ohio Location

by Celia

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Mochi Ring Donut has unveiled its inaugural Ohio storefront, marking a significant addition to the state’s culinary landscape. Situated at 1144 Kenny Centre Mall, the new establishment brings the beloved trend of mochi donuts to local enthusiasts.

For those unfamiliar, mochi donuts are crafted from a rice flour base, resulting in a distinctive combination of chewiness and softness that sets them apart from traditional donuts.

True to its name, Mochi Ring Donut offers a diverse selection of mochi donut flavors, ranging from classic Coffee and Coconut to indulgent choices like S’mores, Nutella, and Ube. For those craving a savory twist, the menu even features a Cheddar Cheese mochi donut.

Beyond donuts, patrons can explore an array of offerings, including bubble tea and Korean corn dogs available in various iterations, such as ramen and even Cheetos.

While local home bakeries like Mochi Shop have long delighted Columbus residents with their take on mochi treats, Mochi Ring Donut represents a wave of new establishments specializing in this unique delicacy. The Ohio debut marks the concept’s expansion beyond its existing locations in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and New Jersey, with more venues slated to open in the future.

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