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Cork’s family-run doughnut shop opens a new café in the city centre with ‘summer specials’ on the way

by Celia

Cork, Ireland – The Rebel family behind the beloved Dinky Donuts chain has unveiled a new outlet in the heart of Cork City, marking an exciting expansion for the popular sweet treats brand.

For years, Dinky Donuts has been a staple at the Marina Market, drawing crowds with their delectable offerings. Now, locals and visitors alike can enjoy their classic donuts, hot chocolates, coffees, and pancakes at their new location on Winthrop Street.

The soft launch over the weekend proved to be a success, with owner Craig Smyth reporting a booming business. Plans are already underway to enhance the customer experience with outdoor seating and the introduction of new special menu items tailored for the upcoming sunny season.

The family-run brand is helmed by Craig, his sister Isabelle, and his wife Louise. While Louise juggles a full-time job outside the business, she lends a hand with management whenever possible. The Smyth family ventured into the culinary scene in 2014, initially catering for events before gaining recognition at the Cork Jazz Fest. Their journey led them to secure a stall at the Marina Market in December 2020.

Reflecting on their journey, Craig shared, “We had four vans packed full of stuff for Paddy’s Day events but they were all cancelled because of Covid. I never wanted a place open seven days a week, I just didn’t think there’d be any demand. But when we got the Marina things worked out well enough.”

Despite the challenges posed by the current cost of living crisis and the impact of the pandemic, Craig remains optimistic about the future. He notes, “A lot of places are closing at the moment and we’ve definitely been feeling the impact of the cost of living crisis too. But hopefully the same amount of people still need to be fed. I think there’s more of an uptake on casual dining now.”

In addition to their new city outlet, Dinky Donuts also boasts a presence at Fota Wildlife Park and has recently partnered with the Ó Conaill Hot Chocolate & Coffee Shop team. The Winthrop Street location is open daily from 10am to 9pm and is staffed by four new team members.

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