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Couple Discovers Favorite Reuben Spot During Cross-Country Journey

by Celia

Greybull, Wyoming – A couple embarked on a cross-country road trip in search of the best Reuben sandwiches in the United States, and they found one of their favorites in Greybull, Wyoming.

Bob’s Diner & Bakery, which opened its doors at the close of 2020 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, proved to be a standout for the couple, who had traversed the nation on their quest for the perfect Reuben.

Robbie Skillman, co-owner of the establishment with his wife Deanna, shared with Cowboy State Daily that earning a spot on someone’s list of the best eateries is always their goal, regardless of the dish.

Despite his personal preferences, Robbie admitted, “I’m not a Reuben fan because I don’t really like corned beef… And I don’t really like sauerkraut either.”

Nevertheless, Robbie received the flattering news that the only spot surpassing their Reuben thus far was located far away in New York. “Now that’s a compliment,” he remarked.

The reputation of the Greybull diner continues to soar, with Bob’s slated to be featured on “America’s Best Restaurants,” a road trip series showcasing the finest locally owned independent restaurants across the country.

Deanna shared, “The CEO of ‘America’s Best Restaurants’ has worked with Guy Fieri. He’s done some interviews with him. And sometimes you’ll see their show on Food Network, too. But they’re primarily a YouTube channel and, after this year, they will have made it into every single state in the United States.”

In Wyoming, the “America’s Best” showcase has previously featured establishments such as the Cowboy Café, Frackletons (now closed), and Weitzels Wings.

While travelers may rave about Bob’s Reuben sandwiches, locals have developed a fondness for the “angry sauce” omelets and burgers. Deanna shared that during the summer, the sauce is in high demand, describing it as a jalapeño cream cheese sauce.

Despite starting during the challenging times of COVID-19, Robbie and Deanna persevered, saving for 15 years to realize their dream of opening their own business. Negotiating a favorable deal amidst the pandemic allowed them to acquire their building through a rent-to-own model, with discounted rent during the remodeling phase.

Remodeling the historic Greybull building was an extensive endeavor, but the couple’s dedication paid off, resulting in a charming diner and bakery establishment.

Looking ahead, the couple aspires to franchise their concept someday, aiming to maintain the same quality and passion for from-scratch food that defines Bob’s. While focused on their current success, they remain optimistic about the future and the potential for expanding their presence beyond Greybull.

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