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Former Wilton motorcycle shop opens bakery

by Celia

WILTON, N.Y. — Wilson Keenan, the founder of Wilson’s Bread originally situated in the Catskills in 2019, has made a significant decision after four years of operation. Opting to close the bakery’s doors at its previous location, Keenan has relocated the establishment to Wilton, New York.

The new site for Bakery Suzanne, as it’s now known, occupies the former Saratoga Motorcycle Center space at 4284 Route 50 in Wilton, conveniently neighboring the X-Files Preservation Collection. Following the closure of the motorcycle shop in December, Keenan saw an opportunity to establish his bakery in this prime location.

Renaming the bakery in honor of his mother, Bakery Suzanne specializes in artisanal sourdough bread crafted from flour milled fresh on-site, as well as delectable laminated pastries such as croissants.

Reflecting on his journey into the world of baking, Keenan shared his passion for the craft and the profound connection it fosters. “Baking was the thing that I could connect with week over week in ways I could not in my other work (primarily in technology start-ups),” Keenan expressed. “After college, I spent a bit of time working in restaurants in San Francisco and first started baking bread in 2008. It would be another 9 to 10 years before I jumped into baking full-time.”

Keenan highlighted the suitability of the former motorcycle shop space for Bakery Suzanne, citing the necessity for large baking equipment. The space boasts garage doors, tall ceilings, and a retail shop area, providing the ideal environment for the bakery’s operations.

While an official opening date for Bakery Suzanne has yet to be set, Keenan aims to commence operations in late March. Initially, the bakery plans to operate with limited hours, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thursday through Sunday, as Keenan and his team work to fully staff and prepare the establishment for its grand opening.

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