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Popular Thornberry’s Bakery products now available at Harbour House

by Celia

In Louisville, Kentucky, Thornberry’s Bakery, a beloved local establishment with a rich history spanning nearly six decades, is undergoing a transformation. Recently, the bakery has found a new home as part of a non-profit initiative.

Thornberry’s Bakery, which closed its doors on Third Street in 2013, has reemerged, offering its renowned pies and baked goods from the premises of the “Good Day Cafe” at the Harbor House Intergenerational Life Center, situated on Lower Hunter’s Trace. Owner Esther Jackson has been diligently baking out of her home since the closure, awaiting an opportunity like this partnership.

The decision to relocate Thornberry’s Bakery to the Harbor House Intergenerational Life Center stems from a desire to not only revive the bakery but also to support a worthy cause. Proceeds from the sale of Thornberry’s treats will contribute to Harbor House’s mission of assisting adults with disabilities, providing essential resources and support.

Reflecting on the collaboration, Susan Mancuso, chef at the Harbor House Good Day Cafe, expressed optimism about the endeavor. “I wanted Esther to be able to supply the whole south end with all of her wonderful baked goods, and it was just such a shame that Thornberry’s couldn’t keep open where they were at and it’s such a demand for the public for it so hopefully it’ll be a good fit here and will flourish here,” Mancuso stated.

Furthermore, if the offerings from Thornberry’s Bakery prove to be successful, there are plans to expand the menu to include the deli items once again. This potential expansion highlights the anticipation and optimism surrounding the partnership between Thornberry’s Bakery and the Harbor House Intergenerational Life Center.

As Thornberry’s Bakery embarks on this new chapter, it serves as a testament to the resilience and adaptability of local businesses, as well as the power of community partnerships in fostering growth and support for meaningful causes.

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