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Traditional ‘Kandur Tchot’ wins hearts at Kashmiri bakery in Ludhiana, bridging cultural divides

by Celia

A small bakery in Ludhiana has emerged as a hub of cultural exchange and culinary delight, offering traditional Kashmiri bread that has captured the hearts and taste buds of locals. Founded by Mohammad Subhan Lone, a native of Gazeryal Kupwara, the Kashmir Bakery has introduced the authentic flavor of ‘Kandur Tchot’ to Punjab, garnering a devoted following and fostering a unique cultural bond between Kashmir and Ludhiana.

The Kashmir Bakery opened its doors ahead of Ramadan, catering initially to Kashmiri families residing in Ludhiana who struggled to find traditional bread locally. Lone’s dedication to showcasing Kashmiri culinary traditions has not only assisted these families but has also enticed the local Punjabi population. The bakery’s success stems from its authentic baking method, utilizing a traditional tandoor oven to produce oval-shaped loaves that fill the area with irresistible aromas, attracting food enthusiasts from across the city.

The growing popularity of ‘Kandur Tchot’ has served as a gateway for many Ludhiana residents to explore Kashmir’s rich bread culture. In addition to ‘Kandur Tchot’, the bakery offers a variety of Kashmiri bread such as Girda and Kulcha, along with Kashmiri namkeen tea, expanding the culinary horizons of locals and nurturing a deeper appreciation for Kashmiri cuisine. Lone’s initiative not only addresses a market gap but also fosters cultural harmony, providing a platform where Kashmiri culinary traditions are celebrated and enjoyed.

Mohammad Subhan Lone’s journey from selling Kashmiri shawls and attire to establishing a restaurant and now a bakery in Ludhiana exemplifies his commitment to sharing Kashmiriyat – the essence of Kashmiri culture – with the world. The bakery’s success underscores the universal language of food and its ability to forge connections across cultural boundaries. Lone’s endeavors have not only brought a taste of Kashmir to Punjab but have also woven a tapestry of shared experiences and mutual appreciation between the two regions.

Through the humble act of baking bread, the Kashmir Bakery in Ludhiana has transcended its role as a mere eatery; it has become a platform for cultural exchange, a symbol of unity, and a testament to India’s diverse culinary heritage. As the bakery continues to flourish, it serves as a beacon of hope for similar initiatives that foster unity and bring people together, one loaf of ‘Kandur Tchot’ at a time.

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