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Success story of an Armenian couple’s bakery in Newfoundland

by Celia

In the unassuming setting of a strip mall, Anna Paytyan meticulously adorns a multi-layer blueberry cake. Armed with her mother’s cherished Armenian recipes and her own creativity, Paytyan stands as one of the owners of Cakey Hand, a quaint bakery nestled in Paradise, Newfoundland, renowned for its delectable delights. Alongside her stands her husband and business partner, Suren Margaryan, who sheds light on the bakery’s unique name and reflects on their remarkable journey from Armenia to establishing themselves as beloved bakery owners in Newfoundland.

The tale of Cakey Hand traces back to 2017 when Margaryan bid farewell to his career as a lawyer in Armenia to pursue academic endeavors at Memorial University. Arriving in Canada with hope and determination in November 2018, the couple embarked on a journey marked by resilience and ambition. Venturing into the St. John’s Farmers’ Market scene in October 2019, they swiftly recognized the fervent demand for their distinctive Armenian-flavored cakes. By 2022, they took a leap of faith, inaugurating their inaugural store in Paradise, surmounting obstacles, and embracing the warmth of the community that embraced them.

What commenced as a modest table at a farmers’ market soon burgeoned into a flourishing enterprise. Paytyan’s unwavering passion for baking coupled with Margaryan’s newfound ardor for the craft propelled them to establish a physical storefront. Their unwavering commitment to excellence and authenticity swiftly earned Cakey Hand a dedicated local following, with patrons even spotting them in unexpected locales like Costco. Their narrative serves as a poignant testament to the pivotal roles of diligence, ardor, and communal backing in nurturing a thriving venture.

As the demand for their delectable cakes and pastries continues to soar, Cakey Hand embarks on a new chapter of expansion. The installation of a cake vending machine and the imminent launch of a new outpost on Stavanger Drive signify the bakery’s escalating prominence and the couple’s fervent desire to share their love for baking with a broader audience. This evolution underscores their unwavering commitment to the community and their steadfast dedication to delivering unparalleled culinary experiences.

Anna Paytyan and Suren Margaryan’s odyssey from Armenia to Newfoundland encapsulates the essence of determination, passion, and entrepreneurial spirit. Their narrative serves as a poignant reminder that with perseverance and dedication, one can manifest their aspirations, irrespective of geographical boundaries. Cakey Hand’s triumph is not merely a personal victory but a delightful addition to the local landscape, promising a bounty of savory delights and cherished memories for years to come.

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