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New on-site bakery opens at Robinson’s

by Celia

Robinson’s has unveiled its new bakery at its location on Cooil Road in Braddan, marking a significant milestone following the retailer’s acquisition of the Ross Bakery brand last October.

Founder Simon Ross has been instrumental in guiding the bakery’s production processes as it transitions under the Robinson’s umbrella.

The bakery’s output will be distributed between its Cooil Road and Prospect Terrace stores, offering customers a wide selection of freshly baked goods.

Janna Horsthuis, Managing Director of Robinson’s, expressed her enthusiasm for the new bakery’s opening, coinciding with Real Bread Week. She commended the dedication of the team in transforming a warehouse into a state-of-the-art facility, likening it to a scene from the movie “Interstellar.” Horsthuis emphasized the importance of integrating the Ross Bakery team and ensuring smooth operations in the coming weeks.

She added, “It’s our commitment to deliver the highest quality products in support of our team and the local community. We look forward to exploring new ideas in the near future.”

Simon Ross echoed Horsthuis’s sentiments, expressing his delight at being able to bake bread for the Isle of Man from their new home. He praised the Robinson’s team for building the bakery according to their vision, emphasizing the passion of the bakers in providing top-quality bread to the community. Ross expressed excitement about the opportunities that lie ahead for Ross Bakery by Robinson’s and eagerly anticipated getting started in their new environment.

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