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After Facebook plea for help, Big Mike’s Donuts and Coffee Shop sells out every day

by Celia

In Bartonville, Illinois, the call for assistance from Big Mike’s Donuts and Coffee has elicited an overwhelming response from the community.

Following a heartfelt plea posted on the shop’s Facebook page detailing their recent challenges, patrons have rallied in unprecedented numbers to show their support. For the past eight consecutive days, Big Mike’s has experienced a remarkable surge in business, with all of their delectable baked goods flying off the shelves.

Established in May 2022, this peanut-free donut shop has never encountered such a bustling week since its inception. Owner Andrea Vincent expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support and expressed hope that this momentum will persist.

“We’re hoping this will continue. We’ve seen a lot of new faces. So we’re hoping all those new people will just keep coming back and keep telling everybody they know which, you know, if that happens, then we should hopefully be able to stay,” said Vincent.

Conveniently situated at 1369 West Garfield Avenue in Bartonville, Big Mike’s Donuts and Coffee invites patrons to savor their irresistible treats. Note that the shop is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, but eagerly awaits the community’s continued patronage and support.

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