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Sweet treats brought to Hedgesville by Shuggie Macs Bakery & Cafe

by Celia

The grand opening of Shuggie Macs LLC’s first storefront in Hedgesville marked a significant milestone for owner Amy Emerick, who has spent years perfecting her baking skills, particularly focusing on the iconic French macaron. After creating numerous variations of the meringue-based sandwich cookie and successfully having them sold in local stores, Emerick was thrilled to officially open her own storefront on Friday.

Joined by a team of four staff members, Emerick welcomed representatives from the Martinsburg-Berkeley County Chamber of Commerce for a ribbon-cutting ceremony to kick off the first official opening day. Local residents eagerly lined up to sample Emerick’s baked goods ahead of the public opening at 11 a.m.

“We’re super excited,” Emerick expressed. “We were nervous, a little bit, just to make sure we had everything ready to rock and roll.”

In preparation for the grand opening event, the Shuggie Macs team underwent training in the new space and hosted a soft opening the day prior to address any operational issues.

“It went really well,” Emerick remarked. “We were open for four hours and were super busy. We sold out really quick, but it was awesome. Everybody seemed really excited.”

While sweet treats were the main attraction, Shuggie Macs also offered convenient grab-and-go items such as fresh salads, wraps, and charcuteries. The aroma of freshly brewed River Bottom Roasters coffee enticed guests to complement their baked goods with a beverage, including the signature “The Shuggie,” an iced creme brûlée beverage.

Situated at the corner of Route 9 and Butts Mill Road, Shuggie Macs shares a parking lot with Mimi & Papa’s Dips-n-More, a home decor store that has supported Emerick’s business since its early days. Tracy Burcker, owner of Mimi & Papa’s Dips-n-More, expressed excitement about being part of Emerick’s new venture.

“I’m from Hedgesville, so the heart of Hedgesville is like home to me,” Emerick explained. “So, having something to give back to the community here, in Hedgesville, is important to me because we’re so limited to food establishments and food has always been a passion for me.”

The grand opening event featured multiple food vendors, including Titan BBQ, Stoner Dogs, Subs & Sammies, and Tucker Pucker. Emerick hopes to utilize the property as a community meeting space by continuing to host various food and craft vendors on-site.

“We hope to bring so much more to the community with this big lot that is accessible,” she said. “We’re gonna have some food trucks and we also have Mimi & Papa’s Dips-n-More, so it will be like a cool little one-stop shop. I hope to have space available for vendors and other small businesses to set up.”

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