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Downtown Erie welcomes new Turkish bakery with international treats

by Celia

A vibrant addition to downtown Erie’s culinary scene emerged with the recent opening of a Turkish bakery on State Street, occupying the former downtown Starbucks location. The grand opening of Bakery on 5th garnered significant attention, offering patrons a glimpse into the bustling atmosphere of the establishment.

Expressing gratitude for the warm reception from the Erie community, Maftuna Rakhimova, co-owner of Bakery on 5th and an Iranian immigrant, reflected on the support received, stating, “Erie was so supportive when it comes to small business, I’m very thankful and I think I’m not moving out I think Erie is my home now.”

Rakhimova’s venture introduces Turkish baked goods to downtown Erie, filling a void left by the closure of Starbucks. Patrons, like Irmela Fazlic, expressed enthusiasm for the new establishment, highlighting the excitement over having another culinary option that adds diversity to the city’s offerings.

A neighboring business owner, Jenny Lin of I Love Noods, echoed the sentiment of community support, emphasizing the importance of a thriving local business ecosystem. “Before I walked into their door I was like ‘wow,’ and to be the neighbor of it, of course, I want to make sure my neighbor is doing well,” said Lin, who is preparing to open her noodle and bubble tea shop next month.

Emily Fetko, CEO of the Erie Downtown Partnership, underscored the significance of fostering a dynamic and diverse downtown landscape, expressing wholehearted support for the new businesses. “Maftuna and Jenny, who’s opening next door as a neighbor, I mean we’re going to see more of that and that’s what we want, vibrant, diverse downtown so the Erie downtown partnership welcomes them wholeheartedly and we’ll be here to support them every step of the way,” Fetko affirmed.

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