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Brazilian sweets in sandwiches from new Delicious Bakery

by Celia

A new bakery and ice cream shop has become a hotspot for enthusiasts of delectable treats in Sandwich. Last week marked the grand opening of Delicious Bakery and Ice Cream in South Sandwich, introducing a fusion of American bakery classics and traditional Brazilian sweets to the local community.

Founded by sisters Wanessa M. Pizaia and Andressa França, the bakery aims to infuse a taste of their native Brazil into Sandwich’s culinary landscape. Offering a diverse array of confections ranging from familiar American delights such as croissants, muffins, and cheesecakes to authentic Brazilian specialties like brigadeiros, a bite-sized fudge confection coated in sprinkles, Delicious Bakery and Ice Cream promises a unique gustatory experience.

“We put a Brazilian twist on everything,” remarked Ms. Pizaia, emphasizing their commitment to innovation in their offerings.

A standout creation that has garnered significant acclaim since the bakery’s inception is their rendition of the classic brownie. While the origins of brownies may spark debate among culinary historians, Delicious Bakery’s version adds a distinctive flair. Extraordinarily rich and decadent, their brownie is lavishly glazed with Ghirardelli chocolate frosting and adorned with a segment of Hershey chocolate bar, offering a tantalizing indulgence for patrons.

Ms. Pizaia, with over a decade of experience in the restaurant industry, including a tenure as a police officer in Barnstable, brings her expertise to the management of the establishment. Partnering with her sister, Ms. França, a skilled baker whose homemade creations had already gained popularity, the duo embarked on this culinary venture.

Acknowledging her sister’s prowess in baking, Ms. Pizaia assumes a managerial role in the bakery, overseeing operations and assisting with customer service while leaving the baking duties to Ms. França.

Since its inauguration, Delicious Bakery and Ice Cream has experienced a steady stream of patrons eager to sample their delectable offerings. Despite the chilly weather, customers have enthusiastically embraced both the baked goods and ice cream selections, surprising the proprietors with the overwhelming positive response.

“We’ve been really blessed for the past few days since we’ve been open,” expressed Ms. Pizaia, extending gratitude to the community for their patronage.

As the bakery continues to delight palates and establish itself as a local favorite, the sisters look forward to further serving Sandwich with their distinctive blend of flavors and hospitality.

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