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This long weekend, SA icon Kytons Bakery celebrates award-winning Lamingtons

by Celia

As South Australians eagerly anticipate the first long weekend of 2024, the scent of tradition and local pride fills the air, courtesy of Adelaide’s beloved Kytons Bakery. With a rich history spanning over 85 years, Kytons Bakery, under the stewardship of owners Sharon and Darren Sutton, has become synonymous with delivering delectable bakery treats.

This summer, the dynamic duo, along with their dedicated team, is not only celebrating the iconic Aussie spirit but is also encouraging everyone to “Celebrate all the good things about being Australian,” with a particular focus on the sweet, fluffy delight of the Aussie lamington.

While the traditional chocolate lamington holds a special place in the hearts of many, Kytons invites patrons to embark on a taste adventure by exploring their award-winning range. In addition to the classic Traditional flavor, the bakery offers enticing options such as Coffee, Raspberry, Mini Lamingtons, and Native Lemon Myrtle—each considered a source of pride and joy for Kytons.

Sharon emphasizes, “Our pursuit of quality means we use the best ingredients, follow traditional recipes, and take great care in our baking.” The commitment to excellence is evident in Kytons’ use of premium quality, locally sourced ingredients—an ethos aligned with the preferences of home bakers.

Kytons lamingtons have earned a permanent spot in the fridge section of local supermarket bakery departments, becoming a staple treat for kids’ lunch boxes or a delightful accompaniment to a cuppa, not only during the summer season but throughout the year.

Beyond being a quintessential Aussie delicacy with origins dating back to the early 1800s, Kytons is on a mission to showcase that, while imitations exist, the best lamingtons are unequivocally found Down Under.

Sharon and Darren, proud owners since 2003, assert that the key to a quality and authentic lamington lies in two essential ingredients—a good egg sponge and authentic chocolate. This signature recipe has made Kytons lamingtons a sought-after delight at school fundraisers, community events, corporate functions, and various food service occasions.

From its humble beginnings as a family business, Kytons has expanded its reach to over 200 stockists across South Australia, including major supermarkets like Drakes, Foodland, IGAs, Woolworths, as well as gourmet fruit and veg stores. Recently honored with the Consumer Award at the South Australian Premier’s Food and Beverage Awards, Kytons has also clinched the title of ‘Australia’s Best Lamington’ twice at the National Baking Awards.

With a retail space in Edwardstown and a strong online presence, Kytons offers accessibility to its delectable treats. The bakery stands as a testament to South Australian pride, quality, tradition, and a genuine Aussie community spirit. This upcoming long weekend, South Australians are invited to celebrate the best of Australia with friends and family, accompanied by the delicious taste of Kytons lamingtons—embracing the Aussie way of buying local and supporting local.

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