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Kroger Unveils Reformulated Deli and Bakery Offerings in Own Brands Lineup

by Celia

Cincinnati-based retail giant, The Kroger Co., is undergoing a reformulation of some of its popular own-brand products in the deli and bakery departments. The revamp includes well-loved items such as Private Selection cinnamon rolls and Home Chef fried chicken, showcasing the company’s commitment to elevating the freshness and flavor profile of its offerings.

Dan De La Rosa, Kroger’s Group VP of Fresh Merchandising, stated, “From flavor profile to freshness and packaging, we have studied some of our most beloved Our Brands deli and bakery products to make these customer favorites even more fresh and delicious.” Recognizing the importance of these products to customers, the company aims to constantly improve and ensure that these deli and bakery favorites meet the highest standards.

The reformulated products include:

Private Selection Signature Buttercream Cakes: Now featuring new real buttercream, these double-layer cakes are available in double chocolate or vanilla with white cake, also offered in a quarter sheet.

Private Selection Cinnamon Rolls: Baked fresh in-store with real butter and topped with vanilla or cream cheese icing.

Private Selection Cinnamon Crumb Cake: Now enhanced with new layers of cinnamon streusel, maintaining its scratch-made quality.

Fresh Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies: Baked in-store with a classic homemade recipe, these cookies now come in 12- or 30-count party packs, boasting a soft texture and light crisp.

Last year, Kroger revamped its ready-made fried chicken in collaboration with its Home Chef meal solutions brand. The updated Home Chef Fried Chicken is now double-breaded and hand-dipped, offering a crispier, crunchier, and tastier experience. The packaging has also been redesigned to preserve the chicken’s crispiness.

A new addition to Kroger’s Own Brands lineup is the Private Selection French Baguette, an all-natural, high-quality artisan bread baked fresh daily in-store with no preservatives or chemicals.

Additionally, Kroger has plans to reformulate its Private Selection Croissants, enhancing their flakiness. These freshly baked croissants will soon be available in-store.

Customers can find these updated fresh items in the deli and bakery sections across Kroger’s family of stores, providing more delightful choices for their daily shopping needs.

Serving over 11 million customers daily through a digital shopping experience and a variety of banner names, Kroger holds the fourth position on The PG 100, Progressive Grocer’s 2023 list of the top food and consumables retailers in North America. The company has also earned a spot on PG’s Retailers of the Century list.

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