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Happy Alley in Rockdale: Where Biscuits and Sandwiches Take Center Stage

by Celia

Ali Barakat, the owner of the mini-sandwich and biscuit haven, Happy Alley in Rockdale, understands the allure of quality dough, especially when it comes to his top-selling biscuits. Among them are the coveted milk chocolate chip Nutella and the white chocolate Biscoff with a buttery biscuit core, attracting a diverse clientele, including bodybuilders seeking a delightful cheat meal.

While Happy Alley has evolved into a haven for biscuits, its roots trace back to Barakat’s acquisition of the premises in April. His background included a franchise of Mrs. Fields cookies and an online baking business called Hello Sweet Dough.

Within the vibrant bakery, massive wheels of just-baked crimson red velvet, pistachio, and M&M biscuits showcase the array of flavors and experiments Happy Alley undertakes. From Milo and peanut butter mochi to coconut and dulce de leche, the menu reflects the bakery’s commitment to continual innovation.

Beyond biscuits, Happy Alley shines in the sandwich department, offering made-to-order delights in various bread options. The Just Crispy sandwich, featuring juicy, crispy chicken, lettuce, pickles, American cheese, and a tangy house sauce, stands out as a crowd favorite. Another highlight is the smoked egg ka’ak, a symphony of fried eggs, smoked beef, pickles, rocket, cheese, and the house sauce, all encased in Lebanese bread.

Happy Alley’s bright, high-ceilinged space in an old-fashioned pedestrian alley attracts a diverse crowd. Outdoor tables provide a welcoming space for customers to enjoy their Nutella and M&M biscuits or indulge in bagels and ka’ak stuffed with a variety of fillings.

Ali and his partner Fatima operate seamlessly, emphasizing customer service and genuine connections with patrons. The success of Happy Alley, nestled between two hairdressers, a bank branch, and bustling traffic, is attributed to media coverage, social media presence, and strong support from the Rockdale community. Barakat acknowledges the increasing foot traffic due to the closure of face-to-face bank branches, bringing more people to Happy Alley daily.

In March, Happy Alley will relocate to a larger shop on Bay Street, allowing for an expanded menu, in-house baking, and the addition of an ice-cream machine for tempting desserts like cookie sundaes. With more seating options, the new location will maintain the grab-and-go focus while offering a comfortable space for customers to savor the delectable offerings.

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