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Former Physiotherapist Turned Baker Launches Sustainable Bakery in Melbourne

by Celia

In a unique career transition, former physiotherapist turned baker, Alex Courtney-Hatcher, has carved a niche for himself in the baking world. With a background in science, Courtney-Hatcher discovered his passion for baking six years ago and traded his physiotherapy tools for a rolling pin.

After gaining experience at renowned establishments like Pophams Bakery and Padella Pasta in London, Courtney-Hatcher moved to Melbourne two years ago. Landing a position at All Are Welcome bakery in Northcote, he continued honing his baking skills.

In December 2022, Courtney-Hatcher embarked on a personal baking venture, crafting and delivering minced tarts to friends and family across Melbourne. Taking a significant leap, he resigned from his role as head baker at All Are Welcome in September of the following year. Transforming a bedroom in his Fitzroy North home into a baking hub, he initiated his online shop, Hatcher Baker, delivering homemade sourdough loaves and assorted baked goods throughout Melbourne’s inner north.

Hatcher Baker distinguishes itself by offering everyday essentials crafted from locally sourced ingredients. The selection includes sourdough loaves, prepared through a meticulous three-day process using Courtney-Hatcher’s original sourdough starter. Noteworthy additions are a trio of sourdough cookies—dark chocolate, brown butter, and sea salt.

A standout creation is the “evening baguette,” a standard French baguette baked at night, providing a fresh dinner option. Courtney-Hatcher’s experimentation with baking times transforms this classic delight into a unique offering for evening consumption.

Embracing an eco-friendly approach, Courtney-Hatcher pedals around a three-kilometer radius of his Fitzroy North base, towing a trailer filled with freshly baked goods from oven to door. He emphasizes the importance of environmental consciousness in business, striving to minimize the ecological footprint of Hatcher Baker.

To keep the menu dynamic and enticing, Courtney-Hatcher plans to introduce changes every one to two months. The updated menu for January and February features new offerings such as a multi-seed and rye sourdough loaf, a confit sweet capsicum fougasse, a fruit loaf, cardamom buns, and breakfast granola.

Additionally, on January 26, Hatcher Baker will unveil a special wattleseed, macadamia, and chocolate cookie. All proceeds from the sale of this cookie will be donated to The Healing Foundation, a charity supporting the voices of Stolen Generations survivors and their families.

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