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New bakery opens in the heart of Chesterfield’s Batch House

by Celia

In a strategic shift at the close of 2023, 4 Eyes Bakery bid farewell to its cherished café located at The Batch House, redirecting its focus toward the wholesale production of its renowned bakery items.

Seizing the opportunity, Dani Key stepped into the void, launching Bakery at the Batch.

Reflecting on the venture, Key shared, “The impetus behind Bakery at the Batch stemmed from our valued customers. While the former bakery offered delightful dishes, they weren’t precisely what people were seeking.” She emphasized the importance of prioritizing customer feedback, stating, “My goal is to prioritize our customers and heed their opinions, incorporating some of their ideas into our menu. When a customer repeatedly requested scrambled eggs, it became apparent that many others shared the preference. It’s crucial that we listen to fine-tune our offerings and ensure our success.”

Key’s personal motivation was fueled by a long-held dream of owning a small bakery later in life, a dream she’s already realized at the age of 26. Reflecting on the challenges left by 4 Eyes, the previous occupant of the Batch House, she expressed determination to fill those metaphorical “big boots.”

Maintaining continuity, Bakery at the Batch retained the same coffee and cakes suppliers as its predecessor. Forge Coffee continues to supply their beloved coffee, praised by patrons. Key remarked, “It would have been a crime to change that.”

The array of cakes, pastries, and bread on the menu originates from 4 Eyes Bakery, sourced fresh daily. The menu at Bakery at the Batch is diverse, offering a satisfying full English breakfast with bacon and sausage from Moss Valley, alongside healthier options like granola yogurt with fruit. The establishment caters to various dietary needs, featuring vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free options.

Introducing a weekly specials’ menu, Key unveiled three enticing dishes – scrambled eggs with toast, loaded avocados and eggs on sourdough with homemade bacon bits, and a sweet French toast/eggy bread with fruit.

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