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Czech kolaches, flavours from around the world at Lubbock bakery

by Celia

LUBBOCK, Texas – Riley’s Hideaway, a local bakery in Lubbock renowned for its Czech kolaches, is bringing an international twist to the culinary scene in the Hub City.

Established in 2020 by siblings Britney Windrum and Heather, Riley’s Hideaway derives its name from the familial bond, specifically Britney’s niece, Riley.

Specializing in sweet Czech kolaches crafted with cream cheese and featuring over a dozen delectable fillings, the bakery operates from a dedicated cottage bakery. While based at home, the bakery boasts separate appliances, maintaining a clear distinction between the family’s living space and the business operations, according to Windrum.

Kolaches are freshly baked every Wednesday and Friday, with the family adopting a same-day baking and selling approach to ensure the products maintain the same level of freshness that their grandmother insisted upon, as noted by Windrum.

Beyond their signature kolaches, Riley’s Hideaway offers an array of specialty cookies and bread. The bakery prides itself on preserving family traditions, producing traditional Polish sugar cookies based on their great-grandma’s cherished recipe.

“I like to travel through foods,” Windrum expressed.

In addition to Czech delights, Riley’s Hideaway explores culinary offerings from various Eastern European countries, including Poland, adding a diverse and international flavor to Lubbock’s local bakery scene.

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