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First Vancouver location for South Korea’s giant French-inspired bakery chain

by Celia

Vancouver, BC – After unveiling ambitious plans to establish a significant presence in the Canadian market in October 2021, global franchise giant Paris Baguette is set to make its debut in Vancouver. The location of the first Vancouver establishment has been revealed, with signs and window coverings now adorning 1150 Alberni St.

Paris Baguette initially captured attention with its announcement to open 100 locations nationwide, including multiple branches in Vancouver. The city’s inaugural Paris Baguette store will join esteemed neighbors such as Michelin Guide-recommended Archer and the eagerly awaited first Canadian outpost of Din Tai Fung.

While sharing its expansion vision into Canada, Paris Baguette secured franchise agreements in the Toronto area, as well as in Edmonton and Calgary. The most recent addition to the Paris Baguette family opened its doors at Beacon Hill Shopping Centre in Calgary on December 22, with additional locations in Toronto and West Edmonton Mall slated to open soon, according to the company’s official website.

Originating in South Korea in the late 1980s, Paris Baguette, despite its French-inspired name, was founded by Korean businessman Hur Young-in, head of the food and confectionary group SPC, as reported by The Guardian in 2014. The brand entered the French market, boasting over 4,000 global locations and witnessing substantial growth, with more than 130 franchise deals inked in 2023 alone.

Known for its array of grab-and-go offerings, including baguette-based sandwiches, salads, and a selection of baked goods such as filled croissants, danishes, mochi donuts, and cakes, Paris Baguette incorporates Asian influences in its menu, featuring ingredients like red bean paste and rice flour in some of its novelty treats.

Paris Baguette, in its 2021 announcement and subsequent North American expansion, identified Vancouver as a natural market for the brand. Despite the conspicuous Alberni Street location, the company has not disclosed specific details about the upcoming Vancouver establishment. V.I.A. has reached out to Paris Baguette for additional information about the bakery.

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