Home News Comet Coffee has reopened its bakery in Kirkwood. It had been closed since 2020.

Comet Coffee has reopened its bakery in Kirkwood. It had been closed since 2020.

by Celia

Kirkwood, MO – The much-anticipated reopening of Comet Bakery at 640 W. Woodbine Ave. in Kirkwood has finally taken place, marking a return to retail service after its closure in 2020 due to the pandemic, as announced through an Instagram post.

During its hiatus, the bakery functioned as a commissary kitchen for Comet Coffee, situated at 5708 Oakland Ave. Furthermore, it served as a baking hub for the offerings sold by Comet Coffee at the Tower Grove Farmers’ Market throughout the 2023 season.

The recent acquisition of Comet Coffee by brothers Matt and Tim Garvey, founders of Pretzel Boy’s in 2011, combined with the success experienced at the farmers’ market, prompted the decision to reopen the Kirkwood space in 2024.

Managed by bakers Kyle Shelby and Natalie Suntrup, the Kirkwood location boasts a menu centered around croissants. The offerings include familiar pastries from the Oakland Avenue location and farmers’ market, along with seasonal and savory options that complement the diverse menu.

“On any given day, there’s a couple of cookie options and croissants, but we also like to incorporate seasonal ingredients into a croissant-style Danish,” explained Shelby.

Stepping inside, patrons are welcomed by a baby blue-themed interior, featuring stainless steel baking and kitchen equipment and white concrete floors. Describing it as the epitome of an open-concept space, Shelby emphasized the bakery’s focus on carryout service, with only three bar seats available for in-house dining. The primary goal is to provide customers with a unique perspective on laminated dough, according to the baking team.

“We like to think of ourselves as artisans, and our medium is dough. We try to play around with shapes and flavors but also offer traditional croissant flavors like butter, ham and cheese, and chocolate,” said Suntrup.

Simultaneously, changes have taken place at the Oakland Avenue space. Matt Garvey revealed in a phone conversation that the cafe received upgrades in late December. These enhancements include the introduction of a coffee subscription service, a reconfigured space with additional seating, and various cosmetic improvements. The changes aim to enhance the overall customer experience at the Oakland Avenue location.

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