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New menu options help Merced bakery grow business

by Celia

VANESSA, Calif. — What began as a humble dream inspired by an Oreo cupcake recipe has flourished into a thriving business for Cynthia Prader, the owner of Mix Bakery Merced. Reflecting on the journey, Prader fondly recounts the inception of her venture, stating, “I was a home baker, and my husband suggested I do this full-time. We decided to take this step and put blood, sweat, and tears into it, and here we are five years later.”

In October 2018, Mix Bakery Merced made its debut, occupying a modest 1,000 square feet space. Prader recalls those early days, noting, “We basically started with 1,000 square feet, a few mixing bowls and an oven. We did everything we could to just get by.” Yet, as the clientele expanded, so did the bakery, both in size and offerings.

“They give us ideas,” Prader shared. “I have a great staff — we started with just two, and now we’re up to nine to 10.” Embracing customer input, the bakery has evolved to meet the desires of its patrons, with Prader leading the charge in creating aesthetically pleasing and delectable treats.

Beyond cupcakes, Mix Bakery Merced now features an array of delights, including cookies, cake pops, Rice Krispy treats, and daily cakes available for purchase. For those seeking a personalized touch, custom cake orders for weddings, birthdays, quinceaneras, and various styles are also on the menu.

Prader, known for being the first to open the bakery doors and the last to leave, has turned her passion into a family affair, involving her son, Evan, and daughter, Farren, in the business.

Describing the joy of turning customer visions into reality, Prader, visibly moved, expressed, “When we see how happy they are, their wedding days, it’s very emotional for us. As you can tell, it’s just very rewarding.”

Driven by a commitment to her craft, Prader extends her expertise beyond the bakery, offering seasonal classes and private parties for cake decorating enthusiasts.

Reflecting on the profound connection with customers, Prader remarked, “It was nice to be part of their family for so many years.” As Mix Bakery Merced continues to sweeten the lives of its patrons, it stands as a testament to the success that can blossom from a simple dream and a recipe for something as delightful as an Oreo cupcake.

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