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Relocation of bakery from Manhattan to Hudson

by Celia

HUDSON, N.Y. — Nora Allen, the visionary behind Mel The Bakery, has embarked on a new chapter, transplanting her renowned establishment from the bustling Lower East Side of Manhattan to the tranquil surroundings of 324 Warren Street in Hudson.

The decision to relocate was prompted by the sale of their Manhattan premises in the spring, coupled with a longstanding desire shared by Allen and her partner to transition away from the urban hustle. The move to Hudson presented itself as an ideal solution, aligning seamlessly with the bakery’s production needs and overall vision.

“This location [in Hudson] met all the criteria for our production requirements,” explained Allen.

Mel The Bakery, founded by Allen in 2020, has gained acclaim for its commitment to crafting naturally leavened sourdoughs, featuring unique grains such as einkorn and poppy seeds. In recognition of her culinary prowess, Allen was honored with the StarChefs New York City Rising Stars award in February 2023.

The bakery’s offerings encompass a diverse array, including sourdough bread, croissants, pastries, sandwiches, tomato pie, focaccia, and a selection of other prepared foods and market items. Noteworthy is the in-house milling of rye and the utilization of Farmer Ground Flours as the primary flour mill.

As of now, Mel The Bakery welcomes patrons Friday through Sunday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. However, Allen envisions an expansion of operational hours and a robust growth in their wholesale program. Plans are underway to potentially extend the bakery’s availability from Thursday through Monday in the upcoming year.

“We aspire to enhance our operations, hosting more engaging events and utilizing the space for community-building, all while delivering the highest quality products,” affirmed Allen.

The relocation to Hudson signifies not just a change in address but an exciting evolution for Mel The Bakery, as it seeks to enrich the local community with its artisanal creations and foster a culture of culinary excellence.

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