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Boichik Bagels Opens Second SF Location on Upper Fillmore

by Celia

Boichik Bagels opened its second San Francisco location on Fillmore Street in Pacific Heights on Tuesday morning.

The popular bagel shop, which has gained a strong following in the Bay Area over recent years, launched its latest store at 1946 Fillmore Street, previously occupied by Glaze Teriyaki Grill. This new spot follows the opening of their first San Francisco branch in Laurel/Presidio Heights in March.

To mark the occasion, the Fillmore Boichik opened with a ceremonial Champagne sabering at 7 a.m. on Tuesday.

The new location features seating in an interior courtyard and offers counter service, providing the same menu of bagels, schmears, and sandwiches. Notable items include the Pink Label whipped cream cheese, which has a tangy flavor, and the Eggything bagels, which are Egg Everything bagels.

The exterior of the store is decorated with a blue-and-white bagel mural by artist Nigel Sussman.

Boichik Bagels gained national attention in a 2021 New York Times article that declared, “The Best Bagels Are In California (Sorry, New York).” The bagels are known for being firm, chewy, and slightly sweet, reminiscent of the style of New York’s H&H Bagels from years past. Owner Emily Winston cites her childhood love of H&H Bagels as her inspiration. She was particularly affected when the original H&H location on 46th Street closed in 2011.

A third San Francisco Boichik location is planned for 22 Battery Street, near the Financial District and close to the Embarcadero BART Station, set to open this summer. This will expand Winston’s bagel business to eight locations, including the flagship store and factory in Berkeley.

The new Fillmore Boichik will be open daily from 7 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. In celebration of Pride Month, while Boichik does not offer rainbow bagels, they are selling rainbow and Progress Pride Flag cookies and a Pride-themed bagel baseball cap.

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