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Electrik Maid Bakery Marks 100 Years in Biloxi

by Celia

Biloxi’s renowned bakery, Electrik Maid, is commemorating a century of delectable delights along the Coast!

Established on April 12th, 1924, Electrik Maid Bakery has weathered the challenges of the Great Depression, numerous hurricanes, and a significant fire throughout its storied history.

The bakery’s origins trace back to A.W. Bissett and Donald Etringer, who launched the venture. The moniker “Electrik Maid” derives from the utilization of electric-powered ovens during that era.

Reflecting on the bakery’s distinctive offerings, current owner Harrel Balius shared insights. “It’s something you don’t anticipate achieving. We approach each day and year with dedication. I often ponder what my grandfather and father, were they alive, would think. We prioritize freshness, eschewing preservatives. Our commitment ensures that a loaf of bread doesn’t endure for weeks on end. Operating hours span from 6:30 in the morning until 1 in the afternoon, Monday through Saturday.”

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