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New Donut Haven “Dough Boy” Sprinkles into Calgary’s Culinary Scene

by Celia

A fresh destination for donut enthusiasts has recently emerged in Calgary, aptly named Dough Boy. Situated at 4140 6th Street NE, this new establishment promises a unique twist on the beloved fried dough treats we all know and love.

At Dough Boy, patrons can indulge in market-style donuts served piping hot and adorned with an array of delectable toppings. From the richness of dark chocolate and pistachio to the comforting sweetness of maple syrup and crushed Oreo, there’s a flavor combination to satisfy every palate.

The mastermind behind Dough Boy, Elshadai, draws inspiration from his family’s recipe for fried dough balls, passed down from his father. His journey from a humble street vendor in a refugee camp to establishing a donut shop in Australia, funding his educational pursuit, speaks volumes about his dedication and resilience.

Now firmly rooted in Canada, Dough Boy celebrates this new chapter by infusing traditional family recipes with beloved Canadian flavors. Each bite is crafted with passion and joy, symbolizing not just a new culinary venture, but a fresh start.

With an enticing selection of 12 topping combinations, Dough Boy caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Whether enjoyed in person or delivered straight to your door via Uber Eats, Skip The Dishes, or DoorDash, these irresistible donuts are sure to delight donut enthusiasts across Calgary.

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