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Iconic Michigan Donut Shop Reopens Doors After Three-Year Closure

by Celia

After almost three years of closure, a beloved and historic donut shop in Detroit, Michigan, has reopened its doors to eager customers.

Dutch Girl Donuts, situated on Woodward Avenue and established in 1947, had to shutter its operations nearly 75 years later due to a shortage of staff. This trend was observed across numerous businesses nationwide in 2021, largely attributable to the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Now under the ownership of Paddy Lynch, Dutch Girl Donuts is back in business, offering both its classic and new donut recipes to patrons. Assisting Lynch is Jon Timmer, the son of the late owners Gene and Lauren Timmer.

Prior to its closure in September 2021, Lynch, a long-time patron of the establishment, expressed his deep connection to Dutch Girl Donuts, reminiscing about childhood visits with his family.

“It was kind of a wonderful part of my childhood. I have memories of being a little boy and my dad taking me in there. So, there’s a lot of personal, sentimental reasons for it,” Lynch shared with the Detroit Free Press.

The reopening of Dutch Girl Donuts took place this past Saturday, May 11, drawing a significant crowd of eager customers. Reports indicate that on Tuesday, individuals queued in a line stretching down the street, underscoring the anticipation and excitement surrounding the establishment’s return.

Operating hours for Dutch Girl Donuts are Tuesday to Friday from 6 am to 6 pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 8 am to 4 pm, with the shop closed on Mondays.

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