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PopUp Bagels Expands with Second Location on NYC’s Upper West Side

by Celia

PopUp Bagels, a bagel company that has gained widespread attention on social media for its unique approach to bagel-making, has recently expanded its presence in New York City with the opening of its second location. The new establishment is situated on the Upper West Side at 338 Columbus Avenue, near 76th Street close to the American Museum of Natural History. This addition comes in addition to their original location in the West Village at 177 Thompson Street.

Despite its unconventional business model, PopUp Bagels has amassed a dedicated following in the city over the past year through various collaborations with notable brands and figures, such as Dominique Ansel and Cup Noodle. While some praise the quality of PopUp Bagels’ offerings, others criticize them for deviating from the traditional New York bagel in terms of size, texture, and presentation.

Indeed, PopUp Bagels’ creations are notably smaller and crisper than the typical New York bagel, resembling more of a French baguette in texture. Additionally, the bagels are sold unsliced and require a minimum order of three, a departure from the usual single bagel purchase with cream cheese.

Despite these deviations from tradition, the popularity of PopUp Bagels continues to grow, evident from the long lines outside their new Upper West Side location. Owner Adam Goldberg stands by his business decisions, emphasizing the company’s commitment to providing what they believe to be a great bagel experience.

Goldberg expressed his confidence in PopUp Bagels’ future by announcing plans for yet another location, this time on the Upper East Side. It appears that PopUp Bagels is here to stay, with a clear vision and unwavering determination to redefine the New York bagel scene.

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