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Scandinavian Bakery Set to Open in Sidney This Summer, Bringing Nordic Delights to Victoria

by Celia

A new Scandinavian bakery is set to open in Sidney this summer, bringing a taste of Nordic delights to Victoria residents and visitors.

The brainchild of Leah Hayward, Smør Scandinavian Bakery traces its roots back to November 2022, when Hayward began selling Christmas cookies from her home kitchen. Building on the positive reception, she expanded her offerings to farmers markets across the Saanich Peninsula and Gulf Islands in 2023, garnering acclaim for her artisanal baked goods.

Now, Hayward and her family are gearing up for a significant milestone by establishing a permanent storefront in downtown Sidney, located at 2376 Bevan Avenue, with an anticipated opening in July.

In an interview with Victoria Buzz, Hayward revealed that the bakery’s core menu will feature traditional Scandinavian treats such as rye breads, cardamom buns, heart-shaped waffles, and authentic Danish pastries. Additionally, Smør will offer soups, open-faced sandwiches, and Nordic-style coffee, served strong and accompanied by a cookie.

Hayward’s inspiration for the bakery stems from her Norwegian heritage and her time spent in Norway, where she immersed herself in the culture, language, and culinary traditions. Her personal journey, including finding love with her partner Trond in Norway and subsequently moving to Canada, fueled her desire to bridge the gap in accessible Nordic cuisine.

Beyond fulfilling a personal passion, Hayward aims to make Scandinavian food and culture accessible to the wider community, including expats seeking a taste of home and those curious about Nordic traditions. She also hopes that the bakery will provide her son, Bjørn, with a connection to his heritage.

Reflecting on her entrepreneurial journey, Hayward emphasized the fulfillment derived from pursuing her interests and creating joy in her community. As Smør Scandinavian Bakery prepares to open its doors, anticipation is high for the culinary delights it will bring.

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