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Goulburn’s Beloved Donut Shop Marks 50 Years of Sweetness

by Celia

For nearly five decades, the enticing scent of freshly made donuts has filled the air along Russell Lane, drawing customers to the heart of Goulburn. Natalie Gray, along with her husband Scott, took over the business last May, aiming to celebrate its 50th anniversary come August.

The origins of the business trace back to 1974 when an American couple, reportedly a lecturer at Goulburn Teachers College, started it. Lloyd Charles, a former worker in Goulburn wool stores, took ownership in 1975 for a modest sum of $3000, with his wife Lillian. Despite initial struggles, the allure of their freshly baked donuts soon gained popularity, prompting the couple to expand into a larger shop adjacent to the original.

The shop’s peak came during Lilac Time processions, attracting crowds who couldn’t resist the freshly made treats. From early morning until evening, six days a week, the shop buzzed with activity, particularly during school hours when students flocked to enjoy discounted donuts. However, changes came with the bypass of the Hume Highway in 1992, followed by Lloyd’s health issues, leading to the eventual sale of the business in 1995.

Over the years, the shop changed hands multiple times, undergoing name changes, until Natalie and Scott Gray stepped in to rescue it from closure in 2023. With Natalie’s background as a pharmacy assistant and Scott’s experience as a baker, they breathed new life into the beloved establishment.

Natalie’s journey into the world of donut-making wasn’t without challenges, but with the help of former staff members and her own determination, she mastered the craft. The shop’s popularity soared, especially during events like ‘national donut day,’ with large orders pouring in from various employers. Even the NSW Police Academy became a customer, ordering 150 donuts, perhaps for training purposes.

Today, the shop continues to delight customers, opening Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm. Its appeal spans generations, with primary school children particularly fond of the blue donuts. For Natalie, owning the shop has been a fulfilling experience, surpassing her initial doubts about her abilities.

As she attends to a customer, Natalie reflects on her journey with a sense of pride and satisfaction, grateful for the opportunity to carry on the tradition of serving delicious donuts to the community.

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