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New Doughnut and Boba Tea Shop Coming to Lafayette

by Celia

LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Lafayette residents can look forward to indulging in award-winning doughnuts and boba tea as Pana Donuts prepares to open its newest location in the area.

Owned by Arron Sok, Pana Donuts has gained popularity in the Indianapolis region, prompting the expansion into Lafayette. The new store, set to open by August, will mark the sixth location for the Sok family-owned business. It will be situated at 170 S. Creasy Lane, taking over the former Gigi’s Cupcakes storefront.

Established in 2019 with their first store in Beech Grove, Sok and his family have steadily grown their business, earning acclaim for their doughnuts and boba bubble tea. Sok shared that the decision to expand into Lafayette was influenced by the appeal of Purdue University and the city itself.

Reflecting on his family’s baking background, Sok mentioned that his parents previously owned a bakery in Cambodia. Since immigrating to the U.S. in 2013, Sok has worked in various bakeries across different states before venturing into entrepreneurship. Although his family’s bakery didn’t specialize in doughnuts, Sok incorporated elements of their cake and bread-making techniques into Pana Donuts’ recipes.

Operating the flagship Pana store in Indianapolis, Sok and his wife, Pichima Prum, have entrusted the management of subsequent locations to family members. Each location maintains the quality of their doughnuts by utilizing Sok’s secret recipe.

The Lafayette branch will be managed by Sok’s cousin, Bumron Lon, who assures customers that they can expect the same top-notch products offered at the Indianapolis locations.

“We do it all by hand — every doughnut — making them fresh every morning,” Lon stated. “Hopefully customers will come support us knowing we are the number one doughnut in Indy.”

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