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Tokyo’s Beloved Doughnut Chain Set to Debut in New York City

by Celia

New York City is about to experience a fresh twist on doughnuts as I’m Donut, a renowned Japanese doughnut chain boasting five successful establishments in Tokyo and Fukuoka, announces its upcoming arrival in Times Square.

Chef and owner Ryouta Hirako shares his excitement, stating, “Not every Japanese person is well-versed with various cities across the United States, but everyone knows New York — particularly Times Square. Opening a store there seemed the perfect way to introduce I’m Donut to people worldwide. There couldn’t be a more fitting location for our inaugural storefront beyond Japan.”

Setting itself apart, I’m Donut specializes in Nama-style doughnuts, emphasizing freshness. A spokesperson for the chain explains, “In Japan, Nama doughnuts feature a brioche-style dough crafted from a unique blend of Japanese flours, kabocha squash, and organic shortening.” The outcome? A delicate, airy doughnut with a melt-in-your-mouth texture.

With an emphasis on local ingredients, each element — from icing to fillings — is meticulously prepared on-site. The doughnuts, akin to many Japanese pastries, are as visually stunning as they are delectable. While staple flavors like custard, chocolate, pistachio, and red bean cream grace the menu, seasonal variations add excitement. Guests might encounter a powdered sugar-coated red kiwi cream doughnut one visit or a decadent chocolate creation with caramel glaze and toasted almonds on another.

Venturing into uncharted territory in New York, I’m Donut isn’t shy about experimenting with savory options. Offerings may include maple-glazed doughnuts with a prosciutto topping, anchovy-filled doughnuts paired with cheddar bechamel, or even truffle-infused treats. Moreover, the chain is known for transforming its doughnuts into unconventional bases for BLTs, burgers, or breakfast sandwiches.

While specifics for the Times Square location’s menu remain under wraps, the I’m Donut team promises a celebration of local flavors. From the squash and lard integral to Nama-style doughnuts to the diverse ingredients inspiring their flavors, the chain aims to honor and highlight New York’s culinary landscape.

I’m Donut New York City is slated to open its doors this upcoming fall, promising a tantalizing addition to the city’s vibrant food scene.

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